What is the 20/60 plan?

The 20/60 is a unique retirement plan designed to enable a client retire comfortably. You can make regular contributions into this fund which is then invested in safe secure avenues with the aim of growing your contribution for a sizeable return on your investment.

At Royal Oak, we believe that the ideal time to start planning for retirement was a decade ago, unfortunately many missed that chance. The next ideal time to start is NOW! Hence the name 20/60: plan for 60 when you are 20.


Who can benefit from this plan?

Any individual who wants to improve his pension can sign up to the 20/60 plan.


How do I sign up?

You can download a form from our website, under the Forms tab, or call our hotlines…….

You can also send us an email for further information info@royaloaklimited.com


What details do I need to provide during sign up?

  1. Name
  2. Phone number and email address
  3. National ID
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Residential Address
  6. Occupation
  7. Hometown
  8. Next of Kin
  9. Address of Next of Kin
  10. Phone number of Next of Kin

Do I need to come to your office to sign up?

No you do not. Forms can be filled and submitted via our email, info@royaloaklimited.com

Completed forms can also be picked up by our sales agents at your convenience, call our hotline 0261088380 to make the arrangements.

Or you can pass by our offices during work hours


When do I start making payments after I sign up?

You decide. We encourage you to make your first payment within a month of sign up to enable you maximize the plan.


What is the frequency of payments?

You decide the frequency of payments when you sign up. We encourage you to choose a convenient system so that you can comfortably make the payments. Frequency can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi annually or annually depending on how your income usually flows.


Is there a minimum payment?

Yes. A minimum of 50 cedis monthly payment is required to make any significant return on discontinuing with the fund.


How long can one invest in this fund?

For as long as you want to. The fund is an open ended one. For as long as you are actively earning income we will strongly encourage you to keep your fund active. Since the retirement age in Ghana is 60 years, we will encourage you to stay in the fund until then.


What is the maturity period of my investment?

The maturity period of the fund is 5 years after your first payment. Which means that after 5 years, you can withdraw your fund without any penalty.


Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, you can, provided you can service all of them regularly


Can I invest for others?

Yes, you can. Parents have used this fund to set up an education fund for their children.


Can I make withdrawals on my account?

Withdrawals made before the maturity period will attract a penalty on the transaction.


What is the interest on my investment?

We guarantee 15% interest compounded annually


How do I check the balance on my account?

You will receive regular yearly statements of your account to help you keep track. At least once every quarter you can ask for a summary of account to be forwarded to you.


Will I get a statement of my account?

Yes. You will receive regular yearly statements of your account to help you keep track.


Is there a penalty for early termination?

Yes. A penalty of 20% will be charged on accrued interest in the event of a premature disinvestment.


How long does it take to process a termination?

It takes Ten (10) working days to terminate your plan upon receipt of a termination letter


Is the 20/60 your only product?

No. the 20/60 is our flagship product, however, we have other products that focus on other aspects of life, such as the 50/50 plan for project financing.


Can I take a loan?

Yes. Not exceeding 75% of amount contributed


When do I qualify for a loan?

After the minimum contribution term of 5 years


How much interest would I pay on my loan?

15% P.A (same as interest) plus 3% processing fee on loan amount


How long do I have to pay back?

Maximum period of 12 months


Send us a message and we will get back to you promptly


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